Women’s Refuge endorses DVFREE

Mar 4, 2021

From March 2021, Women’s Refuge Responsive Workplace Programme and Accreditation will be merging with Shine’s DVFREE Programme and DVFREE Tick Accreditation. The merged programme will run under the banner of DVFREE, with the endorsement of Women’s Refuge. 

This merger eliminates unnecessary duplication of services, within a specialist sector which continues to be significantly under-resourced for addressing the epidemic of family violence in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Similar to the Responsive Workplace Programme, DVFREE offers policy consultation and training services, as well as the DVFREE Tick accreditation for employers that want to implement a sustainable, best practice workplace response.  DVFREE support can help to ensure that:

  • Your employees who experience domestic violence are offered the most effective workplace support and safety possible, including a referral to specialist services that may be Women’s Refuge, Shine or another specialist provider. 
  • Your workplace is prepared to respond appropriately and safely to employees who perpetrate domestic violence, and
  • All of your employees know what to do if they’re aware that a colleague is experiencing or perpetrating domestic violence