Technology used to abuse and to protect from abuse

Oct 20, 2020

During Techweek NZ in July, Shine was part of discussion about the role of technology in domestic abuse and what can be done to create safer digital environments. According to Shine’s Kara-dee Morden, it is rare for anyone experiencing domestic violence these days to not experience some component of abuse through technology. Watch a recording of the Techweek domestic violence panel discussion here.

Shine’s Holly Carrington and IBM’s Lesley Nuttall, key architect of IBM’s policy document on design principles resistant to coercive control, were interviewed on this topic in the NZ Herald.

If your organisation is supporting an employee experiencing domestic violence, that person may need support to address abuse being perpetrated using technology.

Read more on Shine’s website about the safe use of technology for people experiencing domestic violence.

Some employers are supporting employees experiencing domestic violence by providing them with access to a personal safety app such as Secom Safe, Get Home Safe or Verisafe.