NZ Heavyweights promote DVFREE and Shine

Jun 21, 2021

Westpac CEO David McLean opened and closed a lunch hosted by Westpac for business leaders on Thursday 10th June, in support of Shine and DVFREE, with other speakers including heavyweights Dame Silvia Cartwright, business leader icon Theresa Gattung, and Westpac GM Gina Dellabarca.

DVFREE Advisor Holly Carrington spoke on a panel alongside Theresa Gattung and Dame Silvia Cartwright, Shine’s Patron since 1998. Dame Silvia spoke about domestic violence as a critical worldwide human rights issue. Theresa talked about New Zealand as a country that presents huge opportunities for women in leadership, contrasted with an appalling record on domestic violence – which is why she has supported domestic violence related causes, including Shine, ‘since her first paycheck.’

Holly explained the purpose of Shine’s DVFREE Tick accreditation as partnering with committed employers to help sustain best practise domestic violence workplace programmes, as well as to inform the development of DVFREE and to influence other employers. She also explained how DVFREE is now supporting businesses to respond to their customers who experience domestic violence.

Finally, Westpac GM Gina Dellabarca shared the Westpac story of involvement with DVFREE, which began in 2016, including being the first employer awarded the DVFREE Tick. The lunch was attended by more than 100 business leaders.