First Responder Training back in city centres and online

Jun 17, 2020

First Responder Training is back up and running in main city centres Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, hosted by Shine, Business NZ, and Westpac respectively. Employers may register up to 4 staff per session, with a maximum of 20 participants per session. 

We are also continuing to offer an online version of this training for people more than 60 km outside of the main centres. Employers may register up to 3 staff per session, with a maximum total of 8 participants per session. 

These public workshops make specialist training more accessible to smaller employers, and also enable larger employers to ‘test the waters’ before booking inhouse training. We do strongly encourage larger employers to book inhouse training for First Responders, so that discussions can focus on your workplace context, and to help build strong, supportive relationships for your team.

We strongly recommend annual refresher training for First Responders, and we can run inhouse sessions that combine new and refresher training for First Responders. Contact us now about your workplace training needs for First Responders, managers or awareness sessions for all staff.

Register for public First Responder Training in main centres or online.