Discriminating against survivors

Oct 26, 2021

“A huge fear for people who have experienced domestic violence [is] that they will be disadvantaged because of it. Finding employment could be “massive” for someone whose sense of worth had been eroded by abuse. If they have a supportive employer, it can also be eight hours a day when they get a break and they’re not walking on eggshells. Keeping a job is also hugely important for establishing financial independence and autonomy from an abusive partner.”

The Human Rights Act was updated in 2019 to make it illegal to discriminate on the basis of someone being affected by domestic violence.

Shine’s Holly Carrington spoke to Stuff on how screening job applicants for domestic violence may impact victims and the difference a supportive employer can make.

Read: Recruitment company asks applicants to reveal family violence history, Stuff, 20 October 2021