Callaghan Innovation gets DVFREE Tick to support staff wellbeing

Sep 30, 2019

Callaghan Innovation, New Zealand’s innovation agency, has been awarded the DVFREE Tick, demonstrating its commitment to creating a domestic violence-free workplace where staff can feel safe and supported.

Early this year the agency confirmed a minimum of 10 days’ paid domestic violence leave for staff, and now the DVFREE (Domestic Violence Free) Tick means it can ensure employees experiencing domestic violence are able to access good support and workplace safety planning.

Callaghan Innovation’s General Manager for People and Capability, Esther Livingston, says the DVFREE Tick programme was an obvious extension to its suite of wellbeing initiatives.

“Being a DVFREE Tick certified employer means we have everything in place to protect our most valuable assets – our people,” says Ms Livingston.

“We now have a specific policy and set of procedures providing guidance on domestic violence support, along with a trained a group of ‘First Responders’ across our sites. With the DVFREE TICK we’ve been able to improve the safety and wellbeing of our people, while being a part of the solution.”
Shine’s DVFREE Advisor Holly Carrington is thrilled to welcome Callaghan Innovation to the DVFREE Tick family. “As a collective force, employers can play a massive role in addressing New Zealand’s epidemic of domestic violence,” says Carrington.

In order to achieve the DVFREE Tick, an employer must meet the DVFREE Tick criteria in the content of policy, procedures, information and awareness raising for all staff, and training managers and ‘First Responders.’ ‘First Responders’ are key staff trained to support staff who experience domestic violence, including creating workplace safety plans for affected staff.

Shine’s free guidelines for employers and information about DVFREE services and the DVFREE Tick are available at, and can help employers take a best-practice approach, while also meeting new legal obligations under the Domestic Violence Victims Protection Act 2018 that went into force 1st April this year.

Callaghan Innovation is the tenth employer awarded the DVFREE Tick, while many more are currently working towards the DVFREE Tick. Hundreds of employers have engaged with DVFREE training and policy consultation services, and well over one thousand have downloaded the DVFREE Guidelines for Policy and Procedures.