AA Insurance awarded Shine’s DVFREE Tick for creating a domestic violence-free workplace

Jan 30, 2020

Pictured left to right – AAI Support Network Volunteers Sharyn and Whitney; Nikki Howell, AAI Head of People & Capability; Margaret Fitzgibbon, Shine DVFREE Coordinator; Chris Curtin, AAI CEO 

Shine has awarded AA Insurance the DVFREE Tick, which gives its members and staff confidence that the insurer has taken significant action to create a domestic violence free workplace. DVFREE Tick-accredited workplaces provide a safe and supportive environment for staff experiencing domestic violence, and do not tolerate staff using work time or resources to perpetrate domestic abuse.

AA Insurance is one of two New Zealand insurers, and the 12th NZ employer, to achieve the DVFREE Tick.

Shine’s DVFREE & Policy Advisor, Holly Carrington, says that there is growing awareness in the insurance industry that meeting the needs of their own employees means a stronger business.

“When employees are given the tools to support one another and to know how to ask for help, it builds a better team and greater engagement,” says Holly. “AA Insurance shows a clear commitment to the wellbeing of its 750+ employees. That means that anyone working within AA Insurance knows they can feel safe and secure in seeking help or information.”

As part of earning its DVFREE Tick, AA Insurance launched its 15-person Support Network Volunteers, who are designated in-house experts responding to and supporting those who experience violence outside of work. It also included training for almost 90% of all AA Insurance leaders, who can now provide appropriate responses to requests and queries from staff about domestic violence, alongside the Support Network Volunteers.

Working with Shine to meet the criteria for the DVFREE Tick was part of a wider commitment for AA Insurance to its people. Its current area of focus is ‘Caring for our people and communities’, as set out in its Wellbeing Framework and Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy.

AA Insurance’s Head of People and Capability, Nikki Howell, says, “Our people are the most important part of our business and looking after staff, which positively affects business outcomes, is a good reason to take a stand against violence. The other is that it’s just the right thing to do.

“This external recognition, for the way AA Insurance truly backs up its promise to be there for our people, is not easily attained and puts us in a minority of organisations that are serious about helping others—including being vocal and visible about our stance against domestic violence.”

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