Lessons from The Homicide Report

The Homicide Report is an interactive database of 1068 men, women, and children murdered in New Zealand between January 2004 to March 31, 2019, put together by investigative reporters at Stuff. In a series of articles relating to the report, Stuff reporters provide context by interviewing experts such as Shine GM Jane Drumm and DVFREE & Policy Advisor Holly Carrington, as well as people with their own stories of domestic violence.

‘Jane Drumm – the head of anti-domestic violence group Shine – says Beazley's story is sadly ordinary. (Ephraim Beazley pled guilty o the murder of his ex-partner Xi Wang.) Drumm believes women in abusive or controlling relationships should take heed of Wang's death. She urges anyone who believes there are warning signs in their relationship to contact a helpline. "There will be people out there reading this story who know that they are in a similar pattern," she says. "Those people need to get help." While attacks may seem to come out of the blue, often there is a slow escalation. Paying attention to the warning signs is vital, Drumm says.’ 

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