Further family violence laws enacted

The Domestic Violence Victims Protection Act came into force on April 1st this year, and was specific to employment entitlements for victims. Our DVFREE Guidelines - updated in January this year - make clear how our recommendations fit with the new legal obligations for employers. 

On July 1st, more new family violence laws came into effect, including the Family Violence Act replacing the previous Domestic Violence Act. These new family violence laws are not specific to the employment sector, and are aimed more broadly at strengthening protection for victims of domestic violence.

Some employers who want their staff policies to align with family violence law are scratching their heads about which term to use in their policy and procedures – ‘family violence’ vs. ‘domestic violence’ - now that there are different laws using each term.

Our view is that it doesn’t matter which term you use, as long as you define it clearly. We recommend using a definition that is far simpler than the new legal definition, which is highly complex and very detailed. Our Guidelines provide more specifics on this and other recommendations for your policy and procedures. 

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