DVFREE Guidelines on Policy & Procedures - now FREE!

The Guidelines are now FREE to download as a pdf here.

Our Guidelines have been updated to incorporate specifics relating to the new legislative requirements for employers that come into force 1st April this year, as a result of the Domestic Violence Victims Protection Act 2018. We consider the Act’s requirements to be a very low threshold for how employers can and should be responding to domestic violence in the workplace. So our Guidelines explain both the Act’s requirements, as well as our recommendations, around domestic violence leave, flexible working conditions and anti-discrimination for employees who experience domestic violence.

We’ve now had two years working with employers following the recommendations of the previous version of our Guidelines. In addition to information and recommendations on the new legislation, we’ve incorporated our learnings from our experience into the new version of our Guidelines. We’d like to especially thank our founding DVFREE Tick partners – namely Westpac and the Ministry of Justice - who have been so helpful in providing feedback that has informed the ongoing development of our Guidelines and our DVFREE programme.