First Responder Training Now Open to Individuals

From March, we will begin running regular First Responder trainings in Auckland and Wellington that individuals can register to attend. An organization can register up to four staff to attend any one of these workshops. This cap will help ensure the workshops are accessible to more people and organisations. This workshop may be particularly useful for:

  • DVFREE partner organisations that have 1-4 people coming into the role and want to get them trained as soon as possible
  • Small employers that only need to train 3-4 'first responders' total
  • Organisations that want to 'test the waters' before committing further resource to purchasing DVFREE Services or working towards the DVFREE Tick

(‘First responders’ are the staff within a workplace designated as the people to contact if staff are experiencing domestic violence and want support in the workplace. Training is critical to help ‘first responders’ be prepared to respond safely and effectively to domestic violence in the workplace, and also to help them understand their professional boundaries.) 

Just before each of these workshops, a workshop called Creating Effective Domestic Violence Policy & Procedures can help you learn about the critical components, do’s and don’ts of creating workplace domestic violence policy and procedures. You can register to attend one or both workshops on the same day.

The other option still available to employers is to purchase a DVFREE training for your group of 'first responders' at your venue. We can also deliver training for your managers at your venue and/or awareness sessions for your staff. 

Our free online learning module is another excellent learning resource available for your staff.