DVFREE Customer Response Training

Enable your frontline staff to respond appropriately to clients who are experiencing domestic violence. Your staff will learn how to identify what may be signs of domestic violence, respond with empathy, and refer clients on to specialist domestic violence help.

“The DVFREE Customer Response Training reinforces being the bridge to help our customers, opens our eyes to signs and provides real life examples that we can apply to our job – it was very practical, with great facilitation.” 

IAG Care Team member

Customer Response Champions 1-Day Training

This training is aimed at people who either:

Deal with customers impacted by domestic violence in their day to day work, e.g. a providing a service for customers experiencing vulnerability, or
Support and advise frontline staff on how to respond to customers experiencing domestic violence, such as a group of team leaders or internal ‘champions’.
This training is highly interactive, for a maximum of 20 people. We can deliver this as an online training in some circumstances, including when there are COVID restrictions in place. Talk to us about your situation and we will try to find a training solution to meet your needs.

Larger customer-facing organisations may find it helpful to provide this training for a relatively small group of champions from throughout the business, in parallel with providing less intensive training for all frontline staff alongside guidance in procedures.

NB: You must have First Responders trained by DVFREE in your organisation before Customer Response training.

Customer-facing Training customised for you

You can obtain bespoke training to meet your organisation’s specific needs in caring for your at-risk customers.  This training is tailored to fit within your time constraints. The fee for this depends on the level of tailoring required to meet your requirements.

What can you do now?

Customer Response training services equip your frontline, customer-facing staff to give the best possible response to those clients who are experiencing domestic violence, and help them get the specialist support they need.

Get in touch with Shine’s DVFREE team who will assist you with booking your training.