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DVFREE™ is brought to you by Shine (Safer Homes in New Zealand Everyday). Shine established DVFREE™ in 2001 to improve the workplace response to domestic violence, after years of hearing many good and bad stories from our clients in employment about how their employer, domestic violence & the workplace either supported their safety or put them at greater risk of abuse. By that time, Shine had also worked with a number of employers who had approached us for help to support a staff member who was being abused.

Over the years, through DVFREE™, Shine has consulted with many organisations - companies, government departments and community organisations - to help develop appropriate and effective HR policy, and to provide training for staff to support and reinforce that policy. We have also supported a number of social service organisations to develop policies for identifying clients experiencing domestic violence and intervening safely and appropriately.

A decade ago, we often found that, even when senior managers we talked to were keen to implement DVFREE™, the staff who were tasked with implementing the programme did not recognise the impact of domestic violence on their staff as a major concern. But times are changing. Now, a growing number of employers – both senior managers and HR teams - recognise the impact of domestic violence on their workplace and want to help staff who are affected.

In response, we have developed the DVFREE™ Tick so that organisations can be recognized publicly for taking steps to ensure their workplace is safe and supportive for staff experiencing domestic violence. We also recently partnered with Westpac to develop an online workplace learning module that can be accessed for free through Shine’s website.Know more about our terms and conditions here.

Please contact us today to find out more about how we can help your workplace become DVFREE™. Please scroll down to read more about the Team that provides DVFREE™ services.

About Shine

Founded in 1990, Shine is a leading specialist domestic violence organisation. Shine provides a range of effective, practical services to stop domestic violence, support victims and reform those using violence. Thousands of adult and child victims are supported every year to become safe and stay safe. Shine also delivers training programmes to a wide range of audiences, utilizing our expertise based on decades of experience working with victims and perpetrators of domestic violence.

Most of Shine’s trainers have significant clinical experience in working with victims and/or people who use violence directly. Shine's training consistently receives positive feedback from participants.

Shine training programmes range from brief awareness-raising sessions to an intensive two-day training, and our six-day internal training for staff and volunteers, as well as training delivered through our DVFREE™ programme and our Shine in School programme. Through a partnership with the Ministry of Health, we support NZ District Health Boards and accredit their trainers to deliver training on family violence and child abuse intervention.

Read more about Shine. Please scroll down to read more about the Team that provides DVFREE™ services.

Our Team

Graham Barnes

Graham Barnes is Shine’s DVFREE Programme Coordinator and Senior Trainer. Trained as a teacher, Graham has a Bachelor of Social Work, and has worked to stop domestic violence since 1984. He set up the first men’s stopping violence programmes in New Zealand, helping to establish a national pilot project in Hamilton, based on the world-leading Duluth model of an inter-agency community response. He then moved to Duluth, Minnesota to develop inter-agency domestic violence responses based on Ellen Pence’s PhD thesis. In 2001, he returned to New Zealand, and worked for Shine to create and pilot a programme to improve the workplace response to domestic violence - DVFREE. He then returned to Minnesota and spent 13 years delivering training and national technical assistance for the Battered Women’s Justice Project throughout the US. He returned to Shine in 2016 as Senior Trainer and DVFREE Programme Coordinator.

Holly Carrington

Holly Carrington is Shine's Communications & Marketing Manager, based in Wellington from April 2018. She was previously Shine’s Development Director, and before that, Shine’s Partnerships & Training Director. She was part of Shine’s management team from 2003 until Shine’s merger with PSN in July 2017. Holly originally joined Shine in 2000 as a Helpline volunteer, and her various roles since then included managing and co-facilitating for the men’s stopping violence programme, delivering training, coordinating SAFTINET (the Auckland central interagency domestic violence network), researching and writing Shine’s policy submissions, and being a media spokesperson. Holly previously worked in fundraising, advocacy, and community development with various not-for-profits in her native California.

Jill Proudfoot

Jill Proudfoot has worked for Shine since 2001, initially in frontline roles including work with adult victims, child victims, and men who used violence against their partners and family. Through the years, Jill has delivered family violence training to a range of audiences including judiciary, police, doctors, social workers, etc. and has presented at many conferences and seminars. Jill has been part of Shine’s Senior Management Team since 2008 when she began overseeing all frontline services in the role of Client Services Manager. As Shine’s primary media spokesperson, Jill is frequently interviewed and quoted by print, radio and television media. She has been a member of the Starship Child and Youth Mortality Review Group since 2010, and is currently a member of the Ministry of Social Development Expert Design Group working on the Capability Framework for the Sexual Violence and Family & Whanau Violence workforce. She has a Bachelor of Social Practice majoring in counselling, and is a member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors (MNZAC).

Kara-Dee Morden

Kara-dee Morden has worked with Shine since 2013. She trains and supports District Health Boards Violence Intervention Programme (VIP) Coordinators throughout New Zealand. For part of her role she works with the Auckland District Health Board (ADHB) VIP Team to implement and support family violence routine enquiry and intervention within ADHB services. She also co-facilitates for Shine’s No Excuses non-violence programme. She has many years of experience working with child and adult victims of abuse and young offenders in a number of previous roles, including counsellor, refuge worker, crisis advocate, programme facilitator, inter-agency coordinator and trainer both in New Zealand and in her native Canada. Kara-dee has a Bachelor of Arts (hons) and Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology.

Deepika Sarmah

Deepika Sarmah has worked for Shine since 2012. She is the KIDshine service Coordinator and before that assisted Auckland primary healthcare organisations to implement routine screening of adult female patients for domestic violence. She previously worked with the Waikato District Health Board in their Child Protection Advisory Service. As a Shine trainer, she provides expertise in child abuse and protection. Deepika has a postgraduate degree in Social Work, a Masters of Education and a Bachelor of Arts (Education major). She is a registered Social Worker and a member of the Aotearoa New Zealand Association of Social Workers.